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Find the lowest Nikon prices including DX & FX Nikon digital SLRs, Nikkor lenses, hot-shoe Speedlight flashes and accessories. Remember, we check for the latest prices daily!

Nikon Prices

Nikon Nikkor Lens Prices

About Nikon

Nikon offer a wide selection of DSLR cameras, ranging from entry-level Nikon digital SLRs for beginners to professional digital SLRs with full-frame FX sensors. The line-up features cutting-edge technology like 1080p video recording, articulating LCD screens, image sensor cleaning and the ability to trigger off-camera flashguns wirelessly. Nikon digital SLRs allow you to save images as JPEG or raw NEF files that can be read with Nikon’s ViewNX and CaptureNX software, or third-party software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Nikon digital SLRs use F-mount lenses. The first F-mount lens was launched in 1959, however the heritage does not hold the system back: You can buy Nikon lenses with vibration reduction (VR), silent AF-S autofocus and nano-crystal technology (yes, it sounds space age). Nikon lenses are sometimes referred to as Nikkor lenses, which is a sub-brand and the terms are interchangeable.

Nikon Speedlight’s are hot-shoe flashguns designed for use on or off you camera. To trigger the flashgun off-camera and retain i-TTL flash metering, you can use either a wired or a wireless setup, depending on whether the DSLR in use has a Speedlight commander built-in or attached.

In 2011 Nikon launched the Nikon 1 compact system camera range with a new, smaller CX sensor format. Also known as mirror-less system cameras, the Nikon 1 offers you the flexibility of switching lenses like a digital SLR but the convenience of smaller package, because there is no optical viewfinder, similar to a compact digital camera.

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