Nikon D800: UK price & pre-order

The Nikon D800 has finally arrived and, as everyone expected, the specifications look phenomenal! Key D800 features include the 36.3 megapixel CMOS sensor (full-frame FX format), 4 frames per second (5fps in DX mode), improved 51-point autofocus (sensitive to -2EV) and the EXPEED 3 image processor, offering 16-bit image processing for smooth tonal graduation.

The D800 UK launch price is £2,399 and stock is expected in March. You can pre-order the Nikon D800 from the following retailers:

D800 Details

Dpreview have an excellent D800 preview and I’ve written a brief summary of the changes that stood out to me.

100-6400 Default ISO range

The high pixel count of the D800 has led to a more conservative ISO 100-6400 range (extendable up to ISO 25,600), especially in comparison to the 16-megapixel D4 that offers 100-12,800 natively (extendable up to ISO 204,800). The new 91k pixel metering & AF assist sensor found in the D800 is similar to the D4, as is the new 3.2 inch LCD screen size.

100% Viewfinder

In addition to the 3x increase in megapixels over the 12.1-megapixel D700, the D800 now features a 100% coverage viewfinder, aiding accurate composition. This brings the current line-up of professional Nikon digital SLRs up to the same standard, correcting the recent anomaly where the (cheaper) DX-format D300s offered better coverage than the 95% VF coverage of the FX-format D700.

1080p Video Capture

The D800 is also a capable tool for videographers; recording 1080p video at 30/25/24 frame rates with the option of uncompressed HDMI output. The D800 can capture mono audio with the in-built microphone, or stereo audio with an external microphone.

What is the D800E?

The Nikon D800E is a variation of the D800 with the low-pass / anti-aliasing filter removed. Removing the anti-aliasing filter allows optimum sharpness from the 36 megapixel sensor. The downside is moiré artifacts are more likely to occur, however this can be corrected in post-processing. It’s anticipated the D800E will appeal to landscape and studio photographers where absolute pixel-level detail is the top priority. Unfortunately, the price of the D800E reflects the more specialised nature, with an RRP of £2,689 (£290 more than the standard D800).

D800 Launch trailer

Don’t forget the obligatory (and glossy) promotion video:

You can find more information about the D800 and D800E on

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