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Looking for a cheap camera from a retailer you can trust? With CameraPricer you can compare digital camera prices from reputable photography retailers and bag yourself a deal! We're adding lenses, flashguns & camera accessory prices to help you save money.

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CameraPricer is a real camera price buster: You can find all the best buys in the UK on one easy to use website. The time it takes to compare camera prices at several shops can mount up quickly because the navigation, search functionality and product names may differ on each website. Using CameraPricer you can find the lowest price and check stock instantly.

The aim is make more than a simple price list; it’s to make the most helpful camera price comparison site you will ever discover. Deciding what camera to buy is difficult enough, but you can avoid the stress of checking prices too!

CameraPricer only lists official UK camera stores and retailers of Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma & Sony products. Although it is tempting to consider grey imports from outside the EU, you may be left disappointed with extra charges (import duty, VAT) and the manufacturer may not honour the warranty.

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